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Motorsports and Poker = True?

December 9th, 2018

Racing involves risk-taking which is something many associates with poker players. While both activities take place in different environments, the thrills and the risks involved are similar. As a result, many racers usually find themselves enjoying a poker game once in a while. Racers like Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are known for their love for the fine things in life. They are serial party animals who frequent high end poker establishments when they are off the track. Poker for them, replace the thrill of the road when they roll the dice and play the Aces. The distraction ensures they remain focused off the track.

Why Do Athletes And Motorsport Racers Love Poker?

It will surprise you how many prominent athletes and formula one drivers love poker. Many playboys who are great Formula 1 drivers also enjoy the thrill of poker. Here Are The Reasons Why Athletes Love Poker:

Mixing Party with Charity

Poker and partying come hand in hand. It’s also an open secret that race drivers love to party and what an excellent way to party than add poker into the mix. Sometimes they do charity poker and donate the proceeds to a needy cause.

Poker Offers the Same Thrill as Racing

Poker and racing provide the same regarding taking risks. As a result, many racers participate in poker during their time off the tracks.

Why Should You Try Poker? Tips for Succeeding In Poker

Playing poker is fun so long as you don’t overindulge. All you need is learn some tricks, and gamble amounts you can afford to lose. Never make gambling a career as you will lose your life’s savings. Never involve any emotions or venture when you are drunk since you are not thinking straight. Playing poker is always a good way to have fun and make the extra quid you have mean meaning to make.

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