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DIY Car Modifications

January 16th, 2015

If you’re keen to give your car a unique, customised look that makes it stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons, then read on to discover some top car mods that don’t cost a packet but which can transform your wheels from the mundane to the magnificent. Whether it’s adding some bits on that you want, or stripping away the standard stuff that nobody wants or needs, we’ve pulled together some fast, spectacular tricks to give your vehicle a fantastically cool new look.Take it AwayGreat modding is as much about what you take off as about what you add on. Standard spec body panels, windows and seating can all be removed and lighter replacements used instead. Some enthusiasts drill numerous holes to remove unnecessary metal (remember not to drill through anything which affects safety or performance) in order to reduce weight.Lower the SuspensionA classic and popular modification, there are numerous ways to bring your chassis closer to the deck. A quick search online reveals plenty of kits, bits and tools for DIY efforts, or, if you’re not so good with the spanners, don’t worry. The Internet is crammed with “how to” guides and most amateur mechanics find that they can do the job successfully.Replace the tyresFrom new hub caps to an entirely new tyre set, getting the right wheels for your car not only can greatly enhance its looks, it can also significantly improve handling, grip and speed. If you can’t see anything you like in the extensive range of tyres and hubs which are available, why not opt for customised wheels which can be skilfully made to your own particular requirements?Stickers RockStickers are currently the height of auto-chic, so if you want an inexpensive way of giving your paintwork a whole new look, stickers are it. There are absolutely hundreds of different designs, sizes, shapes and styles to choose from and they’re cheap enough to replace whenever you feel like a change. Easy to apply and (usually) straight-forward to remove, stickers are a superb choice for an affordable, safe mod.With so many different car modification options, a common problem which vehicle owners have is knowing where to start. Luckily there is plenty of online help available, as well as various real life clubs that welcome new members and are often keen to provide help and suggestions. Modding is a fantastic way of making your car special, which is why it remains such a popular pastime.

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